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The Artist Development Program is open to all our students who have considerable Live Performance experience and wish to pursue a journey as a Music Artist. 


All our teachers who work with our young aspiring artists are industry artists themselves with vast knowledge in Performance, Songwriting and Music Business.


The industry has changed dramatically over the years. Labels are no longer needed to jump start your career, artists are able to build a following and fan base independently (and should) and we encourage our students to truly understand that being an 'Artist' is not just about performing. There is so much more that goes into it and it requires a huge commitment on top of your continued development in your chosen instrument.


With this program we help guide our artists through their musical journey, help them discover who they are musically , design a content release strategy, plan live performances online and in person and stay on top of their progress but also to show them exactly how much work goes into building a fan base, a brand and a following. 

The Artist Development Program is taken alongside student's continued studies in music. True artists never stop growing and developing their skills be it performing and or songwriting. 

Social Media plays a huge part in promotion these days and understanding algorithms, trends and marketing is absolutely essential when developing a brand but since most of our students are minors we have VERY strict rules in place to keep our students safe and protected that they must adhere to to stay in our Artist Program. 

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Johanna JAMES

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Lauren Shay

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