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LAURA JEAN MUSIC ACADEMY - guitar, songwriting, piano, and vocal / singing lessons in los angeles



Advanced music instruction specializing in, but not limited to, child education with a huge emphasis on live performance. LJMA offers vocal coaching, music theory, songwriting, and singing, piano and guitar lessons in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and the surrounding areas.


Online classes with multiple live performance events and music summer camps offered throughout the year.


LJMA isn't just music lessons.

Besides the high caliber of music education offered,  LJMA has a very unique approach to teaching in that every single student is instantly treated like family. Why? When you are loved and nurtured, you thrive.


Everyone learns and absorbs information differently and our teachers are skilled in working out what makes you tick. All LJMA teachers are working musicians in the industry living in Los Angeles with lots of experience and knowledge to share so whether you want to aim for the stars or simply want to enjoy the joy of music lessons we are capable to cater to any level and any dream.


Our teachers are strict but extremely loving. They are passionate about not only the advancement of their students musical ability but the development of their students overall character as they navigate their way through life. Many become role models, confidents and close family friends to our students. 


It takes a village to raise a child. 

A cappella Training Academy

A cappella Training Academy

laura jean music academy singing lessons los angeles

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A cappella Training PROGRAM

For Kids that LOVE to sing
Brought to you by the Laura Jean Music Academy

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A cappella Training PROGRAM

For Kids that LOVE to sing
Brought to you by the Laura Jean Music Academy

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If you're looking for voice lessons in Los Angeles, look no further! At LJMA, we’re confident that anyone can learn to sing - years of experience have taught us that voice muscles can be stretched, refined and developed, just like any other muscle-group at the gym. In fact, across our several years of teaching we've found that each and every student - without exception! - improves in tone, pitch and range. Whether you've got a natural gift in singing and have years of experience under your belt, or you’re an absolute beginner eager to give singing a go – There is room for everybody to enhance their abilities and grow.

It’s hard to sometimes know what ‘your sound’ is or someone else’s. We believe that as we empower you to use and understand your ‘instrument’, you'll find your own true voice. We also believe that a healthy technique is able to be applied to a vast number of singing styles, so we’re completely open to whatever sort of music you're keen on. We are committed to teaching you ways to properly use your ‘instrument’ so you'll develop a wider vocal range, have good breath control, and learn to project a strong sound without damaging your voice or feeling fatigued.

Every person and voice is different, and our educators understand this well: What works great for one, could have negligible benefits for another. That’s why we create personal lesson plans that bring out the absolute best in each student individually. We want to develop your full potential as a singer and artist. Our approach is holistic as we understand your vocal development is attached to things like freedom and confidence. That’s why it’s important to us that our students feel ‘at home’ here, so they’ll enjoy the learning during a safe, encouraging, and comfortable space.


Our excellent singing instructors in Los Angeles will focus on developing their musicianship and teach them all the correct techniques while making them feel happier and more confident. They will always ensure that students’ singing lessons are well-balanced and include warm-up, exercises, sight-reading, theory, aural training, and simple-yet-lovely songs that are easy to remember.

Thanks to the kind and encouraging nurturing that Laura Jean Music Academy will provide, students will be able to express themselves in a relaxed atmosphere that will assist them to develop creativity and musical independence.

One of the most important factors for us at LJMA is to pass the love of singing and performance on to your children and teach them skills that will be incredibly helpful in both their social and professional adult life.


Whether they wish to sing for their enjoyment and happiness, or embrace a music career, your children will assuredly benefit from the most exceptional advice provided by our singing coaching in LA and develop exemplary confidence in their voice and overall being.


Our piano classes in Los Angeles teach scales, sight reading, aural training, and music theory, all through the method of the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music. Piano training is an integral part of all-around musicianship training, and our classes are an excellent way to ensure holistic development of students’ experiences.


Learning piano is not only fun but also serves as an extraordinary way to improve your state of mind. Like most instruments, piano improves both children’s IQ and marks in school. However, learning piano can have quite a significant impact on adults as well. The longer you play the instrument, the more profound its effects on your well-being.

Piano classes help develop increased hand dexterity, reduce stress levels, keep your brain healthy, and build self-confidence! In addition, learning the piano can increase concentration, develop passion for life, and give students a new avenue for expressing themselves.  The biggest developments from learning the piano occur at an early age. Therefore, young children are likely to benefit the most. However, older players will notice a significant improvement as well, especially since both the fingers and hands are involved.


At LJMA, we proudly offer ukulele and guitar lessons in LA! There are lots of benefits for your child when they learn a musical instrument, including guitar. Playing the guitar can benefit your child in a variety of areas, including academics, intelligence and social relations. These benefits also carry on into their adult years. In addition, playing guitar and/or ukulele is a wonderful stress reliever. The process involves further areas of the brain than almost any other activity you can think of, helping you tune out of your problems, and tune in to the moment. Plus, playing a stringed instrument can give some incredibly needed alone time, giving you the space you need to reflect and reset. 

When a child does not learn with a schoolteacher, a child can fluently pick up bad ways and habits or get frustrated and quit. Children need lots of stimulation and guidance to help improve their belief in themselves. You want a really great guitar instructor who's suitable to help your child enjoy the process of learning music, engage them throughout the assignment, and help them with their confidence and creativity on guitar - and that’s exactly what our instructors offer! At LJMA, our teachers have several years of experience in helping children learn to enjoy playing the guitar. Our instructors understand the significance of creating a positive learning experience for children, allowing them to express themselves, gain confidence, and learn all at the same time.



Live Performance

Live performance is at the heart of LJMA and we believe strongly that there is only so much you can learn in the classroom. The real education comes when on stage. Live performance increases self esteem, confidence and gives students a goal to aim for in their studies. They are taught to handle the audience, make them laugh, create a story and build emotion in their performances. This is incredible for character building and even the shyest of students find their voice. 

At the LJMA, we prioritize health and safety first and foremost. All in-person events take place in accordance with CDC guidelines. All performances are outdoors with masks required by all participants.  Microphones are disinfected after every student in-between songs and depending on the size of the performance will depend on requirements for vaccination.

kids learning vocal lessons los angeles


Retirement homes are the perfect setting for the new performer or for those wanting to test out new pieces.


Retirement homes are so welcoming with a relaxed atmosphere and offer a great environment to bring the joy of music to those that need it most.


Our students love dressing up for their performances and always look forward to these monthly shows to try out their new songs and share their love for music.

Currently masks are required by all performers.

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All students are encouraged to participate in our grand bi-annual Black Tie recitals which are the biggest events of the year.


This is a HUGE event with catered food, red carpet and a live band in the intermission. Students prepare 1-2 solo performance songs and generally spend 1-3 months preparing. 


Performances take place on a huge outdoor stage to an average audience of over 100 people. Even the shyest of students will fall in love with these shows as everyone is so encouraging and proud to show off their hard work. 

Currently, all participants, guests and staff members must be fully vaccinated and have proof of vaccination in order to enter the venue


kids singing and learning piano lessons los angeles


For students not local to Los Angeles or for those wishing to stay online, we offer private  online recitals each semester.  With over 76 online recitals since 2020 we are proud to say we have mastered the experience. This is a wonderful chance for students to reach family and friends that wouldn't normally get to see them perform and has proven to be hugely popular.


Online performances are via Zoom and students are expected to prepare their own script, invitee list, design an invitation and prepare 3-5 songs to perform.


Advanced students, Songwriting and Artist Development students can choose to learn how to make their own music videos.  They will learn how to direct, properly light, create a story, record and put together their very own music video of one of their songs, all of which is done at home.

Students are required to have taken our Beginners Recording Class, or equivilent, and have full access to a LJMA approved recording microphone to ensure high quality sound. Student record themselves at home and everything is done remotely. Please see our Production/Recording Classes.

Check out our Youtube channel to see more music videos from our students.